Introducing Mogrify - Chelsea

Ever wanted to be a fly-on-the-wall of the Mogrify office? Now’s your chance. Mostly we’ve got our heads down working hard, but our new blog series – Introducing Mogrify - gives us a chance to get up from our desks, answer a few questions and share a bit about what makes us tick.

Today we meet:

  • Chelsea Berman
  • Marketing Coordinator (and Social Media Superstar)
  • Current tenure 2 years

What does an average day look like for you?

A bit of everything! Social media is the main role our clients know me for as I manage their accounts. But, I also do accounting, client and website management, design, briefs, newsletters, content... I pretty much do a bit of it all!

Can you sum up your role in one phrase?

This is a hard one, I’d say Social Media Superstar but that is really only one part of my job.

What Mogrify values do you align with the most?

Taking initiative.

As I’m lucky enough to have visibility across most activities, therere lots of opportunities to understand how my tasks fit into the bigger picture. I use this visibility to seek out chances to improve our processes, benefiting our clients and team.

What is your favourite thing about working at Mogrify?

The people! Mogrify has grown in the time I’ve worked here and I’ve now had the pleasure of working with so many talented people. I love talking to my colleagues and learning from them, and we always help each other in a crisis – I’m proud of the strong culture we’re building.

What made you choose Mogrify?

When I started working at Mogrify I had  little experience (I had worked at a café and a medical clinic, which were both not much fun). Mogrify took a chance on me and I am so grateful for that. I remember seeing the job advertisement and instantly thinking that it was a role I could grow in – and that I have! Mogrify has such a unique way of working with clients. We work a lot more closely with our clients than an agency would. Thats something I really love about Mogrify.

What makes you get out of bed every day?

I honestly love making our clients happy. My expertise lies across so many different deliverables now, it’s exciting to see how I support the team on any given day. I also love solving our clients’ problems and having a close relationship with them. And … coffee!

How would you describe Mogrify?

Unique, fun, hard-working and accountable. We are our clients’ outsourced marketing team and that means we have a close relationship with each and every one of them.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I made the mistake of putting my second job/hobby on my LinkedIn, and most of our clients saw it and asked me about it, so now I’m just rolling with it.

Most of my time outside of work is spent being a country/pop musician. I perform every weekend at venues and events, and am very thankful to Mogrify for letting me having time off to travel and perform at festivals … Thanks guys!

What do you think your expertise is?

My primary expertise is in social media. As a millennial, I’ve grown up with social media. I’ve acquired skills in different social platforms, know how to get people to engage and find it easy to break new ground given I’m a digital native. I also use social media a lot outside of work with my music – so it is a big part of my life!

Tell us about your family

I’m an only child and have a close relationship with my parents. My parents own a clothing brand that you might have heard of – Drom Streetwear, which is pretty cool and takes them on some adventures! We also have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who can be a handful, but he’s so cute so I forgive him.

What is something no one at Mogrify knows about you?

I don’t think anyone knows this, but in Year 12 I was on an ABC TV Show called ‘My Year 12 Life’ where my whole Year 12 experience was filmed along with some other students. It was a lot of fun, but please don’t go and look it up as it is very embarrassing to look back on now!

What is one skill you wish you were better at?

At work – I wish I could build websites from scratch. Outside of work - I wish I was more sporty (I’m definitely very uncoordinated) and wish I could play piano. I guess I could learn but I don’t have the time!

What is the last movie you saw?
Avengers End-Game. I only started watching the Marvel movies in the last few years (and still have limited knowledge) but I had to watch the last one!

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go?
Nashville! I’m planning to go there next year for a songwriting/recording trip, and I can’t wait! It is the home of country music and it will be amazing to be immersed in it everywhere I go.


"Vision without execution is just hallucination."

- Henry Ford