Why strategy beats specialty: Time for a holistic marketing approach

When it comes to marketing, you might be working with multiple specialist agencies. One agency might look after your social media, another your SEO and yet another may create your content. With so many agencies on board, it quickly becomes your job to manage them all and make sure they’re executing against your internal strategy.

Turn back time

The reason for this goes back to the 90s. As the marketing mix grew and the complexity of the digital age became ever more challenging, specialist agencies started to spout up. From social media to SEO, content to amplification, there was a thirst for experts in niche areas. They could keep abreast of the digital beast in ways you could only dream of.

Marketing is such a fundamental part of business success, huge budgets ensure brand exposure across every platform. However, the potential for wasted spend increases with every new agency you onboard unless you keep an incredibly tight hold on what each of them are delivering and how it fits into your overall strategy.

Moving toward a better future

ROI has never been more important and now you’ve got access to marketers with 20+ years of digital experience, there’s a better way to manage your time, budget and strategy.

Nowadays it’s much easier for you, or a single trusted partner, to identify and execute a marketing strategy that perfectly fits your business – getting you in front of your ideal clients at the perfect time for conversion. You don’t have to be everywhere, all the time; especially as a B2B company.

If you’ve still got several speciality agencies all doing their own thing based on what they think is right for your business in their area of expertise, you’re almost certainly spending more than you need to! Do you even have the time to circle back to see if what they’re each doing is working or not?  

No? Then now is the time to take a holistic marketing approach.

What is a holistic marketing approach?

It’s marketing as it should be – where all messaging, content and distribution clearly aligns to an overall marketing strategy.

Your ideal messages, clients and channels are determined based on your business goals. Then distribution is mapped against where and when your ideal clients are most likely to engage with your brand, and where your investment will be most effective.

It’s a marketing approach that is universal – not siloed with a specialist agency set up.

The benefits include:

  • Better decisions Working with a partner that’s across all company data and channels means you can draw on them to help make informed strategic decisions. They can see what works, what doesn’t, and make changes according to the data.
  • ‘Always on’ marketing A holistic approach doesn’t get caught up in one off campaigns but instead looks at the year ahead and how campaigns fit into an ‘always on for your ideal clients’ perspective. It’s no longer enough to connect with a prospective client once and expect conversion, a nurturing and multi-platform communication strategy is required.
  • Simplified management and communication Planning a marketing campaign? Working with an agency that takes a holistic approach means less work for you! The agency team will work together to create the strategy, produce the content and then execute the campaign, only drawing you in as needed. You won’t have to contact several diverse specialty agencies to try to get them all on the same page.
  • One single, on-brand message Whatever the channel – brochure, tweet, blog – a holistic marketing approach will mean your message will always be on-brand.
  • Keeping up with the times The digital environment has changed the way clients connect with you. They want multiple touchpoints – one website or one social media platform isn’t enough. Customers need to see your brand several times before they can build trust. A holistic marketing approach is the best way to facilitate that coverage.
  • One budget, effectively spent The holistic marketing approach means that less of your money is spent on people and overheads, while more goes into strategy and execution, giving you better results.

To sum up: if you want the best results from your marketing, avoid the multiple speciality agency route. Look for a trusted partner, like us, who can give you the holistic marketing approach your brand deserves.

What Mogrify offers

We take a holistic approach to promotion, distribution and amplification – in fact, to all of your marketing needs. When we first work with you, we look at your big picture and determine the best strategy based on business needs. Once the marketing strategy is aligned with your business strategy, we work with you to implement it. We scale costs up and down depending on the opportunities and your business needs.

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